Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario


Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario


Fishing Lodges Camps and Resorts on Lake Nipissing in Ontario

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario

Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is a lake in the Canadian province of Ontario. Excluding the Great Lakes, Lake Nipissing is the fifth-largest lake in Ontario. It is relatively shallow for a large lake, with an average depth of only 4.5 m (14.8 ft). The shallowness of the lake makes for many sandbars along the lake's irregular coastline. The lake has many islands.

The largest population centre on the lake's shoreline is the city of North Bay. North Bay sits along the lake's northeastern shoreline. Other towns are Callander (south of North Bay along Highway 11). The larger towns toward the western end of the lake are Sturgeon Falls, Garden Village, Cache Bay and Lavigne.

The lake contains over 40 different species of fish. Numerous sport fishing lodges dot the main shoreline or can be found on several of Nipissing's many islands. Most anglers target walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie, and northern pike. For various reasons, largely social, numerous stocking associations are engaged in attempts to artificially manipulate the lake's walleye population. Lake_Nipissing

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Fishing Lake Nipissing

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Fish and Game Getaways

My name is Claudio Rocca and guiding a fishing charter is how I make my living from the spring through the summer. I have fished Northern Ontario lakes all of my life. I have made learning about fishing and knowing about fishing my life. I know all of the best Northern Ontario lakes to fish and the best places to fish on each lake like I know the back of my hand. Whether you want to fish for salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, or muskie, I can get you to the lake especially suited for each particular species. Not only can I get your fishing charter to the best lake but I can also get you to the spots on the lake where they will bite. The happiness of my customers is very important to me.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Ontario Fishing Camp

The fishing is fresh water Lake Nipissing or the Famous French River, out of our locally hand crafted "Giesler" cedar strip boats. Not exactly fly in, but the same feeling of "remoteness", with out the expense. In Ontario fishing you will catch Walleye, Northern Pike, Small & Large Mouth Bass, Perch and Muskie. They are all here for the catching!

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Glen Echo Cottages

Glen Echo offers a combination of factors that will ensure you a truly memorable fishing trip. It all starts with our sheltered location allowing you to fish in practically any weather. Lake Nipissing is consistently rated as one of the top 10 walleye waters in Ontario and we are situated right next to their major spawning grounds. We also have one of the most underrated smallmouth fisheries in the province. Northern Pike are plentiful and every year muskie in the 25 - 30 lb. range are caught in Callander Bay. If you’re planning a family vacation, the kids are certain to enjoy catching the numerous pan fish.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Greening Bay Cottages

For the experienced and amateurs alike, fishing is an ultimate favourite past-time for both young and old. Lake Nipissing is reknown for it's abundance of great fishing. Whether you seek fish to provide a good feed such as perch and walleye, or prefer the challenge of a trophy muskie or northern pike, we have it all!!
Even if you've been fishing Nipissing for years, there's no denying the service we provide or the lengths we will go to ensure you enjoy your vacation and get the bites. The spring fish opens every Canadian May long weekend. From mid-May to the end of June, it is amazing to see the number of boats coasting right in our bay. We have the hottest fishing hole for walleye and perch on the south shore of Nipissing. Our fishermen (and women) are happy, well fed, and return year after year for another go.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Lakair Lodge

Lakair Lodge - Great Walleye, Pike, Bass and Musky fishing trip on Lake Nipissing. The Fish: Northern Pike, abundant in the weed-beds, average 2 to 3 lbs and trophy pike can reach 25 - 30 lbs. But the pike here are small fry compared to our musky which averages between 10 - 25 lbs. Our camp record is a Catch & Released 50 lb musky and over 54" in length. Walleyes include the common "yellows" along with sauger and the rare blue walleye, native to Lake Nipissing. Most of the walleyes caught are pan size weighing about 1.5 lbs. (great for dinner), but can also grow to over 8 lbs. There are good populations of both small-mouth and large-mouth bass. The bronze-backs are abundant among the shallow rocky shoals while the largemouths stick close to the weed-beds (cabbage, pencil weeds and lily pads). Bass up to 4 - 5 lbs are not uncommon with the average being around 2 lbs. Other fish species include perch, sunfish, rock bass, drum, garpike and sturgeon.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Promised Land Camp

Lake Nipissing is rated as one of the top ten walleye lakes in Ontario as well as one of the best pike lakes in the province and one of the best kept secrets in Northern Ontario for bass fishing. Muskie fishing is excellent and catching jumbo perch and other pan fish is great fun as well.

Sandy Haven Camp Fishing Lake nipissing
Sandy Haven Camp

Lake Nipissing and The French River is famous for its fishing. It is fairly remote area and only accessible by boat or plane. There are countless weather protected areas for you to fish. Most of our guests are successful fishing on the river within a 0-4 mile radius of Sandy Haven Camp. You can expect to catch anything from jumbo perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike to the ever-exciting Muskie.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Sunbeam Bungalows

Good Fishing on Lake Nipissing is world renowned for its fishing. There are excellent stocks of Pickerel (Walleye), great Northern Pike and Muskie, plus Small mouth Bass. You’ll also find Largemouth and Rock bass, Yellow Perch, and a number of other species. Fish in sheltered Callander Bay within sight of our resort or venture out as far as you wish. Our well-maintained 18 foot fiberglass boats and new 25 hp electric start motors will take you to your favorite fishing holes quickly.

Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario
Westnipissing Resort

Fishing at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario. Lake Nipissing is home for West Nipissing Resort. As the name implies West Nipissing Resort is located on Lake Nipissing's West side. "The West is The Best", This phrase is truly an understatement. West Nipissing is home to many fish species and fish structure that is unmatched anywhere else on Lake Nipissing and probably Ontario for that matter.

Shuswap Camp

Shuswap On The Nipissing  »  Fishing for years the waters of Lake Nipissing have provided anglers with hours of challenge and enjoyment. The nature of the waterways in our area with miles of weed beds, rocky shoals and drop offs prove to be a haven for the 40 various species of fish.

Memquisit Lodge

Memquisit Lodge  »  Northern Ontario fishing camp at Memquisit Lodge on Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario. Come stay at our Ontario fishing lodge and fish lake Nipissing for walleye, muskie, pickerel, northern pike and bass fishing in Northern Ontario

Robs Fishing Charters

Charter Fishing on Lake Nipissing  »  Rob is dedicated to your on-the-water success. For your safety, comfort and angling thrills on Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake, we run out to the HOT-SPOTS in a spacious 21 foot TRITON, powered by a dependable Mercury motor. The boat is equipped with a Global Positioning System assuring pinpoint accuracy.

Samoset Lodge

Samoset Lodge  »   on Lake Nipissing's West Arm in Northern Ontario. Located on Deer Bay by the West Arm of Lake Nipissing in the Near North Area of Ontario, it is ideally located to cater for couples, families and fishermen alike.

Lucky Strike Camp

Lucky Strike Camp  »   is located on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. The West Arm differs from the main body of water due to its depth and the fact that it is sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds.

Fishing Lake Nipissing

BayView Camp & Cottages - Deluxe Fishing Resort. Fishing Lake Nipissing and Callander Bay
Waltonian Inn Resort invites you to Lake Nipissing's South Shore
Boating on Lake Nipissing Fishing Lake Nipissing at Camp Raymond.
Keystone Lodge Upper French River on Lake Nipissing
Smitty's Ice Bungalows, located on the South Shore of Lake Nipissing.
Nanmark Ice Huts are located on the Southern Shore of Lake Nipissing.
Located on the beautiful Northwest Bay of Lake Nipissing, Panorama Camp
Welcome Lodge is located in the sheltered waters of the West Arm
Rainville Cedar Cottages is located on the beautiful northwest bay of Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario
Rockview Camp Cottage Resort - Welcome to the heart of Ontario Housekeeping cottages on the beautiful South Bay of Lake Nipissing
Tama Kwa Lake Nipissing - South Shore's Best Choice for your Fishing and Family Vacation
Ice fishing bungalows for rent on Lake Nipissing.
Camp La Plage on Lake Nipissing

Fishing Lodges Camps and Resorts on Lake Nipissing in Ontario

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Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario  Fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario

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Fishing In Ontario

by Robin Shortt

Fishing in Ontario is one of the most beautiful places in the world to plan a fishing trip. I know, I've fished in many areas of Ontario and know what I'm saying. Many thousands of lakes in Northern Ontario have not seen a fishermen's bait cast to them. There are many species of fish throughout Ontario.

If you plan on traveling through and fishing in Ontario there are some things you need to consider before your trip.

You should realize that the costs associated with a trip there is expensive, the Province itself is huge and could cost a lot for travel expenses, accommodation, clothing, licenses and permits, fishing gear, food, water, matches and many other things you'll need.

Its a good idea to make a list of all the things you will need to take on your trip. If you know where your going its a good idea to get some topo maps of the area. Maps of Ontario will come in handy as well.

Some of the fish species you many encounter are:

Northern pike, Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, Smallmouth bass, Muskellunge, Walleye, trout, salmon, whitefish and many non game fish as well.

Regulations While Fishing Canadians purchase a fishing version of an Outdoors Card with a validation tag on it.

Non-residents of Ontario need a basic license which is signed and has a validation tag attached.

These cards cannot be transferred to anyone else. You must carry them all the time in case a Conservation Officer requests to check it.

Conservation Officers and Their Duties

These officers have the right to arrest, seize items, and view and perform searches whenever they see fit.

Just remember to obtain and obey all fishing regulations while fishing in Ontario.

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